ADHD and Stuck For Whatever Reason?

Find out WHY by observing yourself

ADHD Adult can't get startedI talk every week to ADD / ADHD Adults inquiring about coaching for life-long challenges with procrastination, poor follow-through, or generally low productivity.

The most common phrase they use when describing their dilemma is “For whatever reason…” 

  • For whatever reason, I never got around to starting that report that was due two weeks ago.
  • For whatever reason, I spend most of the day drifting and not starting anything.
  • For whatever reason, I can’t get myself to organize my office.

If you relate to this “for whatever reason” phrase, you know how frustrating and bewildering it feels when your own behavior is a mystery to you! Continue reading

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How to Get Started on Anything!

HINT:  You’ve probably been using the wrong “P” word!

Get Started board gameOK, anyone with ADD / ADHD will know what the main “P” word is when it comes to problems getting started on things.  (Did anyone not say “procrastination?”)

So if we’re all so smart, why does getting started continue to be identified as our biggest problem, year after year?

Because for most of us, Procrastination is NOT our primary stumbling block.  Instead, we’re most often held back by PARALYSIS. Continue reading

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ADHD Obstacles to Time Management

Why Traditional Training Fails Us

I’m giving a Master Class today (Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 2:00 EST) at the Virtual ADHD Conference.  It’s on one of my breakthrough solutions for ADHD Adults:  training on how to quickly develop an accurate time sense.

In a corporate environment, when you have trouble meeting deadlines or juggling your projects, you get sent to Time Management Training.  There you will learn techniques for planning your time based on decisions you make about the relative urgency and importance of your various tasks.

Traditional time management training is usually of limited use for most ADD / ADHD Adults because it doesn’t take into account the kinds of challenges we have.  Unfortunately the best tools and techniques in the world can’t help you plan or manage time if you have no idea how long your tasks will take you to perform! Continue reading

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Who Do You Think You Are?

ADHD Winner or Loser?

Do you identify yourself with what you DO, or who you ARE?  It’s up to you to decide.

Who do you think you areKirsten was a woman in her mid 40’s with ADD / ADHD.  She had changed careers three times, and has held many jobs.  She graduated college with a BA in Journalism, then went back to school to get an MBA.  She had several jobs in business with large corporations, wore multiple hats in a number of start-ups, and had a couple of stints in sales.  Over the last few years, she had been struggling to build her own business as a recruiter.

  • Her friends in Journalism thought she “sold out” when she quit to get an MBA.
  • Her parents were critical every times she changed jobs, saying she couldn’t stick to anything.
  • Many of her business school classmates held VP titles and made much more money.

Kirsten was embarrassed to talk about her checkered career.  Continue reading

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ADD Leadership Qualities Acknowledged in Business

So why are we still in the closet?

ADHD in the business closetWhen it comes to the workplace, most ADD Adults in office environments seem to have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” attitude about ADD / ADHD.   Many professionals don’t mention being ADD, but would probably admit it if asked.

I’ve always believed the business world would be a more accepting place for us if we owned up to our brain wiring with pride, in a manner of strength rather than a shame-faced weakness.  So I was jubilant when I came across a blogger at, Molly Cain.

The first blog post I read of hers had nothing to do with ADD/ ADHD.   It was a piece with the intriguing title of “The 7 Types of People who Don’t Succeed at Work.”

At the end of the post, was a brief explanation about Molly Cain:

Molly is a co-founder and Executive Producer of The Haul Company, the founder of and a freelance writer covering business, leadership and innovation.  She loves to burn off her ADD by destination running and hanging out with her retired racing greyhounds. Follow Molly on Twitter @MollyCain..

Fantastic!  I loved that Molly included that ADD reference in her author’s bio in such a matter-of-fact way.  Continue reading

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Time Management with an ADHD Attention Span

Time management with ADHD attention span

Make your brain wiring work for you

It’s getting closer to the Virtual ADHD Conference when I’ll be presenting “Obstacles to Time Management”  on October 9.   One of those obstacles for ADD / ADHD Adults is the  challenge of dealing with our unpredictable attention span.   For us, simply staying on task could take up an entire chapter.

You actually have a lot more control than you realize, once you become aware of your attention and distraction patterns.  Here’s how. Continue reading

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Motivation Temporarily Masks ADHD Traits

Take advantage of the honeymoon period!

I love paperworkI recently heard from Will, a former ADHD Coaching client who had branched out to start his own business.  It didn’t surprise me to hear that he’s doing well and feeling a new burst of motivation in his work.  He commented that he was no longer bothered by the ADD / ADHD tendencies that had been a problem at his job.

Back when I worked with Will, he had been a corporate trainer affiliated with a small training / consulting firm.  Although client companies were pleased with Will’s work, he was no longer enthusiastic about his job, and found his ADD traits were becoming more problematic.   He fell behind on expense reports and billing, and found himself procrastinating on creating the training he was hired to do, which often meant he had to work late nights in order to meet deadlines. Continue reading

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Applying for Disability Benefits for ADHD

Breaking down the application process

Most of my readers are functioning and working –even thriving — either with or despite of their ADD / ADHD traits.   However, some are finding their ADHD so problematic that it keeps them from working.  This is more likely when the ADD / ADHD is compounded by severe co-occurring conditions.

Social Security AdministrationIf you or a loved one are in this situation, you can apply for Disability Benefits.   Since this may seem like an overwhelming process, I’ve invited Ram Meyyappan, the senior writer of the Social Security Disability Help Blog (, to break it down for us.   Here is his excellent article on how to apply for disability benefits in the United States.

Continue reading

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Bad Habits Create Havoc in ADHD Lives

Your best defense is a good strong Ritual

Coffee ritualPeople with ADD / ADHD often believe that many of the problems they experience come from not having developed internal structure and habits.

Actually, I’ve found that most of us DO have very strong habits.  Unfortunately, many of our habits do more to mess us up than to contribute to a smooth life.

How Jamie learned to deal with her mail… and saved her credit rating

Jamie often racked up late payments on her credit card bills because she forgot (or didn’t bother) to pay them on time.   It was obvious that she didn’t have a solid habit of regularly dealing with the bills.  She tried several times to create the habit, but couldn’t get it to stick.

Simply trying to develop a regular habit of paying her bills wasn’t enough.  Jamie had to first deal with the negative habit that she DID have. Continue reading

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Why We Are So Good at Clutter

ADHD and Chaos:  Is Disorder Inevitable?

Is clutter inevitable with ADHD?Some things never change.  When I started my Thrive with ADD program 12 years ago, Clutter was one of the Top 3 problems plaguing ADD / ADHD Adults.  And based on the results of my survey last week, asking what you most wanted to learn, Clutter-Clearing is still up there.

Despite the many books and programs to tame clutter, it remains an entrenched problem for us.

Why are folks with ADD/ADHD tendencies such awesome clutter-producing machines? Continue reading

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